How to root any android device with Kingoroot

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This Article will provide you Instructions to root your device with Kingoroot and we provide you all rooting methods and USB drivers for your phone.

you can use this guide line if you have  2- 6 (jellybean,kitkat,lollipop,marshmallow) android version And also this article will be followed by rooting errors & Solutions regarding the issues. There are two rooting methods. one is, Rooting by using pc and another one is, Normal rooting method.

Why I need to root my android device

After you root your phone it will work with its ultimate speed including RAM. That means no more freezing or gets stuck. Furthermore you won’t get force stop messages anymore. 

After root, you are able to install incompatible app APKs, Automate Every options in your phone and Unlock Hidden Features. as wel as you are able to Uninstall all Pre-Installed applications and your phone qualify for Flashing Custom Rom and installing recovery. You can find out more details – What can I do with a rooted phone | List of Things

NOTE – If you want to these performance and speed then, your device better to install some rooted apps.

Requirement for Rooting your phone

Step 1,

Download Kingoroot PC application from kingoroot Site

Note – You can get backup all of your data now. Click here

Step 2,

After download,open kingroot setup and Install it to your computer

root any android device with Kingoroot


Step 3,

Now, you should be on below screen. Now, Connect your phone to your Pc/laptop. and Be sure Enable developer mood and Debugging Mood. After connected, it will as
root any android device with Kingoroot

Step 4,

Please wait untill your phone is detected by Kingoroot. after that, you sholud be on below screen. Now, It is time to root your phone. 🙂 Click the “Root Box”


root any android device with Kingoroot


Step 5,

Please wait untill Root process is being completing bey Kingoroot. It take time to root So again wait.

root any android device with Kingoroot

Step 6,

After little moment, You can see this Message 🙂 YES you have Done Rooting process Successfully

root any android device with Kingoroot

Step 7,

Kingo SuperUser app and Supper Battery server install automatically to your phone, But, You have to Check whether your phone is Rooted or not Correctly. To check that you can use these steps

Unroot my phone with kingoroot


Errors and Solutions

I Can Not Root My Phone

Kingroot is always updating application. some times your device is not supported by app.. However, If you are still unable to root your phone, use different Root app – Best Apps which support any phone

Root succeed but no SuperUser installed after reboot?

Actually, There is some additional some protection on your android phone. like AT&T, HUAWEI. So, please try to install kingo manually. but it is not easy. you had better use different root app

Get stuck kingoroot. Root failed always.

Sometimes Kingoroot doest not works with some phones. So you had better try another rooting app. There are Top 5 rooting app and we listed them – Click here

Why Kingo detected by antivirus  as malicious?

exploiting system vulnerabilities/security loopholes, which is and will  be “dangerous” to your antivirus guard.. So you had better disable it for few minit.

I Can not OTA update after rooting?

After you rooted your phone, then you can’t get update automatically. If you want? then unroot your phone.


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kingoroot root root access

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