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This Guide line provides instructions to root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y phone with Pictures. And we give you CF Root file, Oding program and drivers as well you can find lot of solutions  for rooting errors. From this CF root file, you can only root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y –   Read more – Why we want to root – Full Details with guide 

Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Note – First Back up your data 

Step 1

Step 2

Download Odin program to your Pc

  • Now Download Oding program to your laptop or to your Computer.
  • after Downloaded, install it and launch.

Step 3

  • take your phone and Turn OFF it by pressing power key.
  • Now press and hold Power key + Home key + Volume down key until boot to download mode.
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Step 4

  • Connect your phone to your PC or laptop by using USB data cable. it’s better use original Data cables..

Step 5

Download CF Root file for Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

  • Download CF Root file for Wi-Fi SM-T585Y . (Yes this zip may include Odin tool again. use one of odin.)
  • CF root file is ZIP so, you have to unzip.
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Step 6

  • Now press Volume up key to continue to Download Mode.
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y
  • After tapping Volume up key, you will able to see “Added Message” in odin tool’s notification box
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Step 7

  • Click PDA / AP and browse to Downloaded CF-Root file. 
  • Select  “Auto Reboot”
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Step 8

  • Please wait until the phone restarts automatically. and it will display Green Pass
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y
Root Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Check If Your Android Phone Is Rooted Properly

you can make sure that your phone rooted or not using these simple tips..  If there is a App Called “SuperSu” then your phone is Rooted. If you have doubt again? then use this app. it will tell you whether or not the phone has root access.  Top 10 Rooted apps for android devices

Unroot Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

After you rooted your phone. If you think that root permissions don’t need to you, then you unroot your phone. You have to follow simple steps to do this. More details

Errors And Solutions Section

I can’t root my Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

  • If you have right CF Root file then Please go step by step i’m sure, you can root your phone easily.

My phone model is not listed on chainfire web site?

If you can’t find your phone model number then you have to wait or use different method. because they may be making or updating your phone’s CF file.  Don’t worry you can use lot of rooting app to root your phone. More details

Root fail in kingoRoot, Kinguser, framaRoot, kingroot, Vroot, Root Master, z4root, Root Genius

these all are rooting applications. you can use these apps if only they support your phone. if not, you can’t use. so please try above CF Root method. it is the standard way to root mobile phones..

su binary needs to be updated/The Superuser binary (su) must be updated

  1. unroot your phone
  2. Remove rooting apps.
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Now, follow above guide line step by step.

kinguser binary (su) must be updated

  1. unroot your phone
  2. Remove rooting apps.
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Now, follow above guide line step by step.

“Unfortunately, kinguser has Stopped” Error in Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Restart your device and check. Not works? 

  1. Go to Setting page.
  2. Go to app/application manager.
  3. Find kinguser and Delete cache and data

“Unfortunately, kingroot has Stopped” in Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

Restart your device and check. Not works? 

  1. Go to Setting page.
  2. Go to app/application manager.
  3. Find kingroot and Delete cache and data

Root Failed! , No Strategy Found, ConnectionUnstabitil , need root

If you see this type of error that’s mean you have used one of rooting app. We highly recommend you to use CF root method. Go to up and Follow Step by step.

fix Google Play Store error codes like-  Error rpc:aec:0] – Error 921,Error – 923, error – 491, Error 110,Error 505,Error 481, Error 923,Error 961,Error 504,Error rh01,Error 919,,Error 101, had better use New Google account.
2.Go to setting -> apps manager and Find Google play Store and delete apps data.  Clear cache,Clear data
3.above method isn’t work? then delete media files and get space.

could not do normal boot odin mode

This happen when you  use incorrect CF root file,  you can still Switch on the phone. please  follow this solution Click here

Stuck on logo screen in Wi-Fi SM-T585Y

  1. Go to Odin, switch to DL mode and repeat above steps..
  2. May be, Downloaded CF Root file is damaged or incorrect.
  3. If you can’t pass the LOGO then you have to install Stock Rom
  4. Try again to root with New CF root file

Fix Bootloop on device (continuously restart)

Now you have to perform factory reset your device. to do it.  you have to reset your device. To perform reset, you have to remove your battery first and insert back it again.

Now Boot into recovery by holding Volume up button Home button Power key. after that select “wipe data/factory reset” after then select “Yes”.  Read more – Dedicated post

We are the dedicated site for Rooting android phones. this is our dedicated post for Wi-Fi SM-T585Y . IF you think this post is useful then please share this post on all Social medias and help others to root their phones with rootdroids. If you have any problem feel free to leave a comment below, then we can help you.

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