How to remove Virus From Rooted phone

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How to remove Virus From Rooted phone

If you think that your phone have been infected by Virus, then you have to Follow the below Guide line in order to Remove all Viruses. We have listed all possible options to Remove Virus from your rooted phone.

If you are lucky then you can remove virus without data losing. How ever, first, you can scan the entire Device and remove virus by using Antivirus applications like avira or Kasperskey.

If above method does not work, Then SAFE MODE.

If above antivirus options can’t find your virus, then we have to go our “plan B”. Go to SAFE MODE and check whether virus persist. If not, We can say that your Virus come from one of application. So you had better check all installed applications. If you find any unknown app, delete it. Don’t delete system applications.

If above method does not work,

If You can’t find Virus application, then we recommend you go to this Site and go to “Device page” and find your phone and do “reset/Hard reset from Computer” .) and then format your phone. Then all applications including Virus app will be deleted. After the reset, you can use your phone.

Hard reset Not help me, 

If above 3 of methods do not help then we recommend you to Flash your Stock Rom. After Flash Stock Rom, your all problems will be fixed.

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