How to Root MTK Phone/Tablet (Manually)

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How to Root MTK Phone/Tablet (Manually)

MKT stands for Media tek, MediaTek is a  chip manufacturing company. If you have MTK Device (China phone) then this is your Rooing Guide line. If you are not sure whether phone is MTK or not then you can Check it. Ok,

After Checking whether it is media tek or not, Follow below one of method. If you have any problem feel free to leave a Comment.

Method 01 – Sp Flash tool

Method 02 – Graphical Easy Root

Graphical Easy Root, This is Rooting app and Released 06 JUN 2013. It Will root MTK6589, MTK6577, MTK6575 and more than 100 MTK phones.

Method 03 – One Click root

One Click root – This is one of best and simple application. it give a chance to root your phone one Click. If you want to check Root Availability then Click here. And Find your phone, choose android version then you can check it


If you Got above Congratulation Box then please use this Link

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