Top 4 Must-Have Apps for Writers


If you are a writer and want to manage your projects more efficiently, then you have clicked on the right blog. A lot of people view writing as an easy task, but only the people who write know it is not as simple as it seems. When you are writing, you have to take care of a lot of things, including grammar, creativity, ideation, styling, and even document management. All these tasks can get a bit overwhelming at times and can throw you off track or cause writer’s block. However, there are plenty of apps out there that can assist you in writing and can make your job easier. In this article, I have mentioned a few apps that every writer must get; let’s have a look:


If you want proofreading assistance, then Grammarly is the perfect companion for you. With this app’s help, you won’t have to go through all your content again and again to find grammar mistakes. Grammarly scans the entire document automatically and highlights all the mistakes in it. Not only it allows you to fix the grammatical errors, but it also helps you improve sentence structures. It also suggests edits to improve the clarity and engagement of your document. Installing Grammarly on your laptop and phone can help you save plenty of time.

Soda PDF

If you are having trouble managing all your writing documents, then is an excellent site for you. With this site’s help, you can create, edit, merge and convert PDF documents with ease. You can easily combine all the PDFs for one project and copy quotations and references even if the document is locked.

Another great feature of Soda PDF is that it allows you to convert a handwritten document into a PDF or word file. This means you can write your entire project in your notebook and scan it later to make a digital copy.

Focus Writer

As a writer, you must already know that you are more likely to experience distractions when you have a deadline to meet. If you hate the idea of constantly getting interrupted by your laptop’s notification, then Focus writer is the perfect app for you. The app turns your cluttered computer screen into a clean space with no distractions. It will give your desktop and word file a new calm look so you can focus only on writing. It is quite a simple app, but it is also highly effective.


Evernote is an excellent note-taking app that can help you with brainstorming. Many writers lose their train of thought easily due to distractions around them, and Evernote is the perfect solution for that. With the help of this app, you can take notes whenever you want and however you want. The app allows you to take notes in text, image, and URL format. It also allows you to save voice notes and can listen to them later to keep the ideas flowing. You can also link different types of notes together and create separate spaces for separate projects.

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