How to Unroot Android with kingroot

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Requirements for Rooting your phone

  • Your phone should be working with +50% Battery condition.
  • Rooted phone
  • Phone which Installed KingRoot app.

Note – though we remove root by uninstalling rooting app, SuperSu or SuperUser, there can be root files still your device. You have to delete them manual. then you can get full unrooted device. to delete them. go to this link

Step 1,

First, go to kinguser app and go to general setting.

Root 1

Step 2,

Now you should be on below screen. tap the “Root Authorization setting”
root 3

Step 3

Now you should be on below screen. You have to tap “remove root permission”

Root 2

Step 4,

Now, It will ask you to confirm this process. So,Confirm it

Root 4


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