Best Android Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses

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Remote work is more a necessity today than a cultural shift. Following the pandemic, most businesses realized that work-from-home is very much possible, and, in fact, better in some cases. But, for this to work, reliable applications that will guarantee productivity are required. Fortunately, in 2021, such software is abundant and available. But your small business cannot just choose any application. You have to make sure that videoconferencing is easy and convenient with the right Cox cable packages. This means that the apps you’re using should have an easy-to-use interface. Other important features are: 

  • Text chat capabilities 
  • File storage and sharing 
  • Video conferencing recording.  

But you won’t need extensive research to find the perfect software. Here’s a compilation of the top-rated video conferencing apps.  

Google Meet  

 Best Android Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses
Best Android Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses

Google Meet was developed by Google in 2017, but its stable release wasn’t initiated until 2021. This application is a video-communication service. It widens on an existing tool called Google Hangouts. Unlike similar apps, this has a lot of diverse functions. Users can integrate any number of applications they’re using. They can also build custom apps with Apps Script. Moreover, Google Meet also supplies unlimited Google Drive, the widely popular file-sharing software. Moreover, it is also relatively cost-effective which a great news for small businesses.  


 Best Android Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses
Best Android Video Conferencing Apps for Small Businesses

The recent pandemic outbreak has brought Zoom to the forefront. When offices, schools, and other organizations couldn’t hold meetings in person, Zoom came to the rescue in the midst of a raging pandemic. Today, it’s the most widely used videoconferencing application. It has a wide range of features suitable that are suitable for the following:  

  • Chat   
  • Meetings   
  • Developer Platform APIs & SDKs   
  • Events   
  • Webinars   


Furthermore, Zoom is free if you have limited participants. Yet, if you’re using this application for free, you’ll only get 40 minutes per session with a limit of 100 people.  

Microsoft 365 E3  

Microsoft 365 E3 merges popular in-class productivity apps. This improves productivity and collaboration for its users. This app includes the following tools:  

  • Word   
  • Excel   
  • PowerPoint   
  • Outlook   
  • OneNote   
  • SharePoint   
  • OneDrive   
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Stream  

Additionally, it has features such as Bookings. This makes scheduling and managing appointments easier. There’s also SharePoint, where you can share and manage knowledge to build teamwork. Microsoft 365 also has a Power Automate which reduces redundancy with workflow automatons.  


UberConference is a videoconferencing app that has an edge over its competitors. It allows a no-download option for its users. This enables teams to hold and join meetings via web browsers. UberConference also has a free plan but this requires users to have access to a PIN to access meetings. According to this app’s official website, it ticks all the boxes for great web conferencing software. The requirements for this are:

  • Call quality
  • Multi-device availability  
  • Options for both audio and video conferencing   
  • Easy invites   
  • Fast calling  
  • Several communication options on a single platform  

Zoho Meeting  

Zoho Meeting is an online meeting software designed for web conferencing and webinars. This application is great for small businesses. This is because it helps users find innovative ways to work remotely as well as collaborate with ease. Zoho provides the following features, according to its official website.  

  • Easy to use and scale 
  • Interactive meeting tools   
  • Industrial standard security 
  • Integrated with Zoho ecosystem plus other 3rd-party (major) services 
  • 24/7 support  
  • Enterprise-level experience for all
  • Affordable pricing structure  


Jiminny is a recently launched video conferencing app. It guarantees faster growth with conversation intelligence and detailed insights. It offers the following features:  

  • Call Recording and Analytics  
  • Conversation Intelligence  
  • Deal Insights and Visibility  
  • Measurements and Growth   
  • Integrations  

Jiminy also has a ‘Create your own feature library’. This enables users to build the ultimate playbook for various scenarios based on actual conversations. This allows innovative team training. 

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