What is Teledentistry and how does it work?

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Teledentistry is the new buzzword that is used in this new era, to provide enhanced healthcare facilities. With the new advancements, a shift can be seen in the field of health, the health care professionals in this era of technological advancements are shifting towards online appointments. People can now seek help from virtual assistants through online platforms.

Many questions arise in the mind of a person who is trying to understand what is teledentistry. There are many types of research done in this field, and no one can provide one exact definition. To understand the concept of teledentistry in simple words, it is essential to understand its origin.

It is important to get a hold of any internet service provider that gives you 24/7 customer support like Spectrum customer service because you should have consistent internet to get your appointment. Oral health is very important and telehealth has made it easier than ever.

People are often aware of the terms telehealth and telemedicine. Teledentistry is an offshoot of telehealth, it’s a broader term that is used for remote assistance or healthcare that uses technology to assist people.

What do we mean by telehealth?

A telehealth system encompasses multiple systems of telemedicine, different healthcare tools, and varied sources to deliver healthcare remotely. A telehealth system can include the following aspects,

  • Mobile Healthcare: It includes health care instructions and delivery over cellular mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, or any PDA device.
  • Live Chat: It may include assistance through live chat or live video calls.
  • RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring: It includes monitoring a patient through electronic gadgets. The data of a patient can be delivered anywhere to provide better healthcare facilities.

What do we mean by teledentistry?

The term ‘teledentistry’ has derived from the Greek word tele which means distance, and medicine which means heal. The main goal of teledentistry is to improve oral health facilities by providing easy access to people. People who seek help from licensed professionals, but live far away from healthcare facilities, can take help by dialing telehealth numbers, video conferencing, or by booking online dentist appointments.

How teledentisry works

With advancements in technology, everyone has access to online platforms. People who seek dental help from the dentist can book online appointments, call the dentist, or do video conferences through which they get professional help. It is a time-saving and cost-effective way to get yourself treated.

Rise of teledentistry during COVID19

The main purpose of teledentistry and telehealth revolves around remote assistance. With the emergence of the global pandemic crises that are caused due to COVID19, a rise in the teledentistry market was observed in research by Suhani Gai in 2020.

People avoided physical contact due to the pandemic and preferred online appointments. Teledentistry promotes remote dental care which is the need of the hour.

There are two modes of teledentistry mentioned below,

Synchronous/ Live

Through this, you can get live data, video conferencing, and remote assistance from a professional.

Asynchronous/ Store and Forward

In this mode, an on-site provider will take the data of a patient, and the dentist will send a prescription or guideline plan remotely.

Importance of teledentistry

Due to COVID19, many people have the fear to visit their denstist because we all know that clinics can be a risky place. To avoid physical contact, people prefer to set up their appointments online and get consultations from professional dentists through LIVE VIDEO CALLS. All this is possible due to teledentistry.

How the internet plays a role

Since the year 2020, our lives took quite a nasty turn. During the period of emotional and physical turmoil, internet played the role of a savior.  People who lost jobs, earned through online mediums or platforms and the doctors started giving online consultations. If you get a good internet connection, you will not only get help for your work and education, you may also get help from the doctors.

You can book online appointments by searching for valid resources online or by adding the names of the doctors that you prefer. Once you book your appointment, you can either go for a call or you can ask for a video call. Your options can vay according to your situation. As far as oral issues or health is concerned, most doctors prefer video consultation so they can have a look at your teeth.

Wrapping Up,

Oral health is an essential part of our healthcare which was compromised because of the COVID-19 crisis. With the help of teledentistry, people can avoid risk and seek help from professional dentists. For a better lifestyle, we have to incorporate teledentistry in our everyday life. Always remember that oral hygience is as important as a physical one and you must consult a doctor from time to time to take better care of your oral health.

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