How to get back Warranty after root

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In android platform. If you want to be privilege user or be like admin user then we have root our lovely phone With Odin or rooting app. After then we can adjust all things on our android phones like managing Ram size internal Rom size. Improve graphics on your phone.. actually gaming android uses know how important rooting. But some android device manufactures don’t think it and they cancel warranty while we are in root.

To get warranty back, we have to unroot our phone.. nowadays unrooting is also simple and few steps works.. if you have root access that means your phone have been installed SuperSu or SuperUser app. Go to SuperSu or Superuser and tap “uninstall/unroot” first unroot and then uninstall app.. if you had used rooting apps to root your phone then uninstall it too..

Full unroot and get warranty

But above methods some times does not works all device.. because rooting files still in your phone. In That case, you have to delete them manually.. If you want to delete all rooting files (SU) after root. Then go to this link.. please don’t delete system files and be careful while deleting root files..

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get back Warranty Warranty

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