7 must-have apps to be Installed for android users

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Most of us have used Android smartphones and tablets. These tiny devices are among the most powerful gadgets on the planet. They allow users to perform tons of functions in a matter of seconds. And if you have an Android device powered by broadband packages like Optimum packages, then you might just have hit the jackpot.  

Today, smartphones are capable of performing extraordinary tasks. They can turn into a workstation or a portable gaming console. They have become much more than just clicking machines. All you need is a collection of apps and you’ll be amazed by the results on your Android phone.  

That said, here are seven must-have apps for Android users.  


7 must-have apps to be Installed for android users

Have a smartphone but don’t have the Android app for Facebook? You’ve got to be kidding me! Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. It has more than 2.8 billion monthly active users. Safe to say that the social networking giant has given its users a decent application. It provides added convenience when it comes to connecting with your family and friends.  

What’s more, Facebook is no longer just a content-sharing platform. While it still allows users to share the content of Reddit and Twitter, it goes a step further by providing customized sections on dating and shopping. Moreover, you can watch videos while scrolling through your Facebook timeline. If you want to double the fun, get the Messenger app for instant messaging.  


WhatsApp is arguably the best and most popular chatting app for Android users. And this is coming from an Android user. WhatsApp is my go-to for instant messaging as well as audio and video calls. It comes with great features like an audio/video sharing option. Moreover, you could send emojis and gifs when you aren’t in the mood of sending lengthy texts.  

It is worth mentioning here that the app comes with several hidden features. They include temporary messages, disappearing messages, marking a conversation as unread, and listening to audios before sending them to the recipient. When it comes to security, WhatsApp provides an encrypted messaging service. This makes it the largest encrypted messaging service provider.  


7 must-have apps to be Installed for android users

Should living in the 21st century without having a Twitter account be even considered living? Twitter is the go-to for all the latest updates on everything that’s happening around. Twitter has a decent mobile app with several great features. With Twitter, you can stay connected with all the top trends without missing a single beat. If you don’t have a Twitter app on your Android phone, then perhaps it is time to get one now.  

Brave Privacy Browser  

Brave browser is not your average web browser. It is a great application with tons of exciting features. The purpose is to create a safe and secure web browsing experience for users. Features include built-in blockers for ads, scripts, third-party cookies, and pop-ups. So, the next time you want to browse the web without those annoying ads, use Brave Privacy Browser.  


Snapchat is the go-to for sending pictures to your family and friends. Its popularity is already on the rise among young users You can take a snap and quickly send it to your friend. Moreover, the app supports instant messaging as well as audio and video calling options. Perhaps the biggest reason behind Snap’s popularity is that all pictures vanish automatically within 24 hours a day. Start a streak with your friends and see how long will you be able to continue it.  


Everybody loves a good streaming app. Nobody likes to watch videos on an app with slow loading time and constant buffering. With that said, Netflix has one of the best streaming apps in the entire market. It is super easy to use and offers an uninterrupted streaming experience. All you need is, a stable internet connection and you can play your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix with zero bugs. So, the next time you get bored during your ride home from work take out your Android phone and start streaming Netflix on your mobile.  


Another streaming app that has attracted Android users from all over the world. Spotify is a music streaming service. It has over 70 million titles. You could listen to music from different genres. It is worth mentioning here that you’ll need to purchase Spotify premium to access ad-free content. The ad-supported tier, on the other hand, does not cost a dime. However, it comes with limited options as well as low sound quality. Upgrade to Spotify premium and you’ll be amazed by the amazing features of the streaming service.  


Any Android phone without these aforementioned apps is incomplete. Make sure to use your phone to the best of its capabilities. There are about three million apps on the smartphone, you just need to figure out which one’s the best for you.

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