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This Article will provide you Instructions to root Gionee S Plus with Kingroot and we provide you all rooting methods and USB drivers for your phone. you can use this guide line if you have  2- 6 (jellybean,kitkat,lollipop,marshmallow) android version And also this article will be followed by rooting errors & Solutions regarding the issues. There are two rooting methods. one is, Rooting by using pc and another one is, Normal rooting This guide line, we are going to perform this using PC.

Why I need to root Gionee S Plus

After you root your phone it will work with its ultimate speed including RAM. That means no more freezing or gets stuck. Furthermore you won’t get force stop messages anymore. 

After root, you are able to install incompatible app APKs, Automate Every options in your phone and Unlock Hidden Features. as well as you are able to Uninstall all Pre-Installed applications and your phone qualify for Flashing Custom Rom and installing recovery. You can find out more details – What can I do with a rooted phone | List of Things.

NOTE – If you want to these performance and speed then, your device better to install some rooted apps.

Requirement for Rooting Gionee S Plus


NoteDisadvantages and benefits of Rooting 

  1. Download KingRoot from above link and copy & paste that into your Gionee S Plus  phone’s Micro SD card
  2. Now, Go to Miro SD card on phone and tap the “kingRoot APK icon” after tapping, check “unknown sources” on next winodow
  3. After that Tap the “install button” . Wait until installation completed.



  1. After installing KingRoot app, Open it by tapping. 
  2. Now Tap “try to Root” option to start rooting process


Root Gionee S Plus phone


  • After tapping “Try to Root” It will start rooting and after few mints it will show green Right saying “Root status.
  • After performing Root, You are free to use your phone and flash Custom Roms/ Custom recovery.


Now your android device is rooted . but you had better check your root status by installing this Root check app.

If you want to UNROOT, you can unroot your phone by following these steps. you had better bookmark us because then you can see Unroot Steps any time

I’ve rooted my phone. Now what?
Increase RAM SIZE after root?
TOP 10 Rooted Android Apps

Replace kinguser with SuperSu

After Rooted, There will be app named “Kinguser” on your menu. Some Users want to replace this app with SuperSu app. so, we wrote guide line to replace kinguser with superSU

Manually – Root Gionee S Plus

you can also root your phone without any applications. Here is our Guide line to root your android phone manually. Please note, we are not responsible for any damages so , do it your own risk.

Errors and Solutions

I Can Not Root My Gionee S Plus

Kingroot is always updating application. some times your device is not supported by app.. However, If you are still unable to root your phone, You have two options.  one is, try root manually or use different Root app – Best Apps that support any phone

Phone stuck at boot, continuously restarts,

Your Stock Rom image or Custom image has been damaged so you have to install Stock Rom or Custom Rom again. Is Sound big? Don’t worry we have step by step dedicated Posts here.

Root succeed but no SuperUser installed after reboot?

Actually, There is some additional some protection on your android phone. like AT&T, HUAWEI. So, please try to install kingo manually. but it is not easy. you had better use different root apps.

Root failed in Gionee S Plus  related problems

  • Get stuck kingoroot.No Strategy Found/need root/ Connection Unstabitil/please check your phone vulnerabilities/Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in framaroot/
  •  Root fail in kingRoot/ Kinguser/ framaRoot/ kingoroot/iroot/RootGenius/One Click Root/Towel Root.

Sometimes these apps do not works with some Devices. So you had better try another rooting app. There are Top 10 rooting app and we listed them – Click here

Why Kingo and other apps detected by antivirus as malicious?

exploiting system vulnerabilities/security loopholes, which is and will  be “dangerous” to your antivirus guard.. So you had better disable it for few minutes.

After root some of Features Not working properly

Q : I rooted my phone and Now, WiFi, Mobile data, Bluetooth, sensors, keyboard, speakers,MIC, Host-spot and GPS does not work properly.

A : It seems, Something gone Wrong. When we are rooting these kind of things may happen. All you have to do is Install Stock Rom and then again try to root your device.

I Can not OTA update after rooting?

After you rooted your phone, then you can’t get update automatically. If you want? then go to this link

Su binary needs to be updated Gionee S Plus

First of all Full unroot your device and remove roots apps and restart the phone.  follow this guide line step by step with new files.

Fix “Unfortunately, kingroot has Stopped” Error in Gionee S Plus

This is not related to Rooting process. This is a error of your phone’s cachs. So you have to delete those caches. then this problem will be settle. 

1. Reboot/Restart your Positivo. works?
2. Delete/erase cache and data in kinguser.

Your Phone is so solid to root: Network error. failed to get components.

Rooting Apps want to access internet.. This error happen when app can’t connect to internet.

DATA Connection

  • please Recheck your Data connection is ON or not.. it is ON and No internet connectivity?
  • Then restart the phone.. If not works, Please check your balance.

WIFI Connection

  • If you use WIFI, then Please Recheck WIFI button in your Positivo.. (untap and Tap it).
    If not works, then reset your WIFI Router. If not works,
  • Then switch off and On your WIFI Router. all are not works?
  • Then go to Wifi Setting >>choose your WIFI conection>>”Forget Network” (remove it).and search WIFI connection and connect it again

error code: 0x19E775? / need root/Shell-root could not be accessed

You had better use different Root app. We listed all possible rooting apps

If you have any clarifications to be made or any doubt to be get solved regarding this tutorial, please leave a comment. Then we are here to help you. And also we are kindly requesting our viewers to share this on Facebook and Twitter and bookmark us on your web browser so that you can easily find us whenever you need. Any issues regarding Rooting will be solved by the Experts who are working with us.

Root android root Gionee root manually

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